destructive sounds
The School
Destructive Sounds
Release date September 8, 2008 !


The School
Bad to the Bone
from the album "Espionage"

The School


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The long-anticipated second album from The School is out ! "Destructive Sounds"- was released early this month, and the reviews are in. " The expectations were sky-high, and this is a strong follow-up. Whereas singer/guitar-player Stig Aarskog wrote most of the last record, keyboard player/singer Andreas Elvenes has contributed more writing and singing this time around. Another exciting record from The School." - Ostlendingen, 9/9/08. "The School have advanced from post-punk to post-post-punk, with a stronger focus on pop melodies and catchy choruses. There are several monster songs on this record -"White Boys Dance", "Elijah" and "Radio Girl" all have the character of the bands cool and slightly arrogant eighties pop sound"- Bergens Tidene, 9/9/08. " A new level has been reached in Pop history and yet another triumph for The School. Two years after the bands debut (the melodic energy-bomb "Espionage"), the band have avoided the many pitfalls of recording a follow-up record. This time there's a more toned-down tempo, a larger soundscape and more dynamic arrangements, while keeping the energetic atmosphere and funky rhythmic foundation." -Adressavisa, 9/9/08. " As a hybrid of The Cars and Adverts, and adding a serious dose of ambition, The School deserve all the attention they should get" - TronderAvis, 9/9/08. " Phenomenal results ! on "Destructive Sounds" each and every track sounds like a radio hit....synthesized rock with massive sing-along choruses, with inspiration from Franz Ferdinand, Queens of the Stone Age and The Smiths."- Fredrikstad Avis, 9/16/08.

The album was produced and mixed by Chris Ribando (The Fever, The Black Crowes, Diamond Nights) at Carriage House Studios in Connecticut.
The first single from the album "Radio Girl" has been spinning on the playlists for two months now, and has been recently joined by "Golden Key". The album is available now in stores and on Itunes, and check the myspace page for tour dates.


The School was formed in one of Norway's most musically fertile breeding grounds, the city of Trondheim, in the spring of 2004. The band made their mark within a year on the thriving and vibrant live circuit - quickly building a reputation for their catchy riffs and in-your-face attitude. The crowning moment took place at the 2005 By:Larm (Norway's answer to SXSW or The Great Escape) where the band blew away the crowd with two powerful shows. Following these performances, the band started being courted by several labels and booking agents. It also resulted in The School being offered a show at one of Norway's biggest summer festivals, Oya Festivalen. The band earned a perfect score (6/6 stars) from the major press for that show.

In January of 2006 the band released their self-produced EP "Madchen EP" on their own. This 4-track EP was only available in local shops, and has since been sold out. It was this EP, and the blistering release party that followed, that created such an interest at Kong Tiki Records, that a decision was made the very next morning to work together. Kong Tiki re-released the EP first, and the band began working on the debut album in June of 2006.

The debut album "Espionage" was released to huge reviews and earned a Norwegian Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Album of the Year". It had been a while since the expectations of a debut album had been so uniformly anxiously awaited by the Norwegian music press. The album was produced by John Fryer (NIN, Depeche Mode, HIM). The reviews were unanimous - "The School have delivered a completely solid record without any weaknesses..... they find themselves perfectly situated with one foot in Berlin 1976-77 and the other in Manchester 1979-80.....The sound is razor-sharp with a dark and pounding undertone that might scare some away, yet for most it exudes that warm fuzzy feeling. Impressive" -N&D, Sept 8, 2006. A tour supporting the album took the band to Germany, earning rave reviews and playlisting on German radio.

The School:
Stig Forde Aarskog: vocals/guitar
Thor-Inge Hoddevik: guitar
Karl-Martin Hoddevik: bass
Andreas Kj. Elvenes: keyboards
Puppy: drums

Photos by Geir Mogen & Jackie Roman