Donkey Shot
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Formed in Aberdeen, Scotland by Kaptein Ranheim, Admiral von Ranheim and Don Ranheim. Both Kaptein Ranheim and the Admiral had been several years at sea, while Don was working at a pub in Edinburgh. A random meeting in Aberdeen however led to a heavy hangover, a pair of broken hearts, and the start of a new career for all three. The band moved back to their hometown Ranheim (that's somewhere in Norway, hence the name of the band) a year later. As Ranheim's music at this point was considered quite dangerous in Norway (at the time Norway had, as the only European country in modern times, elected a fundamental priest as their prime minister), few promotors took the risk of booking the band or even play rock music in public. These were indeed dark times in Norway, where religious leaders dictated most of society and the media including national broadcasting as well as major newspapers. However, the band feared no one and in an old garage at Ranheim they set up their equipment to record their first EP, 'Kraft', later to be released on Evil Music Int. Even though the recordings were fairly lo-fi, they had enough energy to power a large city. The 'Kraft' EP was also a tribute to Ranheim's cornerstone factory, a papermill named Ranheim Papirfabrikk. The factory (commonly known as Ranheim Kraft) was build in 1884 and built and shaped the society of Ranheim for the next century. Both Don and the Admiral worked here in the late eighties and early nineties. During two days in November (or was it October?) 2005 the band recorded twelve (or was it thirteen?) songs at Caliban Studio under the surveillance of Tommy Hjelm. The songs were later mixed by John Fryer in London. The new album is to be released 15th of May 2006. It is named "Rock & Science" and it will pick you by the nose. Just as you know it.

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